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Day Ninety-Two

March 2, 2010

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
It seems a lovely thing to say
And almost daily, it would seem
You kindly boost my self-esteem.

As you say it’s most unfair
My compliments are all too rare
So just this once, my love, I’ll humour
You to quash this vicious rumour.

You are like a summer’s day:
Sometimes sweaty, sometimes grey
Like the sky your judgement’s clouded
Your main attraction’s overcrowded.

We’re stuck, like in a traffic jam
But I am not a perfect man
And on occasion you’re sublime
Much nicer than the wintertime.


Day Eighty-Four

February 22, 2010

One summer, several years ago
Relaxing on my patio
Basting under oil and lotion
My peace was shattered by commotion.

With stealth I slithered from my seat
And slid my flip-flops on my feet
I tiptoed to my neighbour’s fence
To spy the source of the offence.

Peering through the slender gap
I saw a dog and portly chap
The man was looking quite forlorn
Whilst Mr Doggy trimmed the lawn.

The man yelled out a barking call
And gestured at a tennis ball
The dog said ‘No, you’ve had your fun
I have to get this mowing done’.