Day Ninety-Five

Now the sun is slowly changing
How one’s clothing needs arranging
Place the jumpers in a drawer
Space for tees and shorts once more.

I sense perhaps the question begs
Why people need to see my legs
Pay no attention to them please
Say nothing of my calves or knees.

Til the sun gets more effective
Still they shall remain reflective
When the heat gets more intense
Then rapid burning may commence.

Be assured I do not think
We all look nicer when we’re pink
Take the recommended notion:
Bake yourself in suntan lotion.


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One Response to “Day Ninety-Five”

  1. echostains Says:

    Hheh another good one! and one I can identify with, going bright pink myself, I just think may as well slather the sun protection on- I can’t tan anyway. I like the ‘reflective ‘quality of the legs lol. We see lots of strange legs around here when the sun comes out (which isn’t often). Good work!
    Lynda from ‘echostains’ and also bookstains’

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