Day Ninety-One

I’m tidying the garden
In the hope of warmer weather
There’s a mower in the garden
But the blades are jammed together.

I telephoned my landlord
Asking if he had a spare
But he said that mine was working
As far as he was aware.

He said the problem could be cured
With ample lubrication
After several pints of oil
The blades remained in their location.

I pushed and stamped and leant
And dealt it several manly blows
But it chopped both of my hands off
So I’m typing with my nose.


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3 Responses to “Day Ninety-One”

  1. lizwillems Says:

    You have nine poems left of your 100. What will you do when you’re done???
    By the way, I quite enjoyed your father’s day one!

  2. echostains Says:

    This was hilarious – so cheering! Thanks! Dismayed to find that you only have eight poems left! Just when I found your blog too!!!!
    Lynda from echostains and ‘Bookstains’

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